DAGStat Conference 2019

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Registration and Abstract Submission

DAGStat 2019 Conference in Munich (including Tutorials, Social program)

After March 13th no online registration will be possible. However, there will be the possibility of an on-site registration during the conference , beginning March 18th. The on-site registration will cost 380€.

Link to registration. Information on Young Statisticians Session.

The following registration fees have been fixed:

Conference (early, until January 27) 190€ 290€ 80€
Conference (late, until March 13) 250€ 350€ 120€
Conference Dinner 60€ 60€ 60€
Exhibitor 350€ 350€ 350€
Tutorial: Adaptive designs for clinical trials 150€ 150€ 150€
Tutorial: Bayesian data analysis using Stan 100€ 100€ 80€
Tutorial: Spatio-temporal modeling 80€ 80€ 80€

DAGStat conferences are international conferences. Conference languages are English and German. We welcome oral contributions in both English and German. Participants who choose to speak in German are encouraged to prepare their slides in English. We also encourage that posters are prepared in English. As a rule, oral presentations are expected to be delivered in the language of their abstracts.