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About DAGStat

The Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Statistik (DAGStat) is a consortium of scientific societies and professional associations that regard the further development of statistical theory and methodology as their primary scope of duties. 

The consortium's purpose is to offer a platform for joint activities and public relations. Consequently, there is the aspiration for a greater appreciation of statistics in science as well as in the public sector.

Statistics is a key area in society and science for the German Consortium in Statistics (DAGStat). Statisticians are of importance whenever data are collected or experiments are in the planning or conducting phase. The broad spectre of applications as well as statistical sciences versatility call for cooperation and a productive academic exchange.

The DAGStat was founded in 2005. Its declared purpose is to connect scientists who are working with statistical methods, to offer them an open and productive platform and to increase public awareness about statistics.

For more information on DAGStat please visit the website.